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I'm Ollie. I'm 22 years old (though staunchly say and feel I'm 21). Stationary body with a wandering mind. Musician, lyricist, artist and other -ist things. This is a personal blog about me and things around me (which is every other blog ever). If you like it, that's fine. If you don't, you've already stopped reading and clicked on the next thing :D. This is just, existence I guess. I didn't really plan what I was gonna say. I'll come back and retype this when I've got something vaguely resembling some sort of fridge-magnet-philosophy that people seem to like.


Dear guys, there’s a fine line between an Asian fetish and racism

Dating as an adult is challenging enough, but the process can seem like an almost impossible task if you’re a woman of color, forced to combat racism in the process.

It’s a battle known all to well to Asian American women like Anna Akana, the creator of a biting new satire based on her own attempts to find love in a dating pool otherwise filled with what’s often referred to jokingly as “yellow fever.” Quoting some of the most off-beat, clueless stereotyping and fetishization that she and other Asian women have experienced on a routine basis, Akana uses humor to drive a clear point home to those not in the know: Tokenizing Asian women is absolutely not OK.

When you might just be a “racist asshole”  | Follow micdotcom

Denying that women are a victimized class is simply wrong. What else would you call a segment of the population who are systematically discriminated against in school, work and politics? How would you describe a population whose bodies are objectified to the point of dehumanization? Women are harassed, attacked and sexually assaulted with alarming regularity in America and around the world, and now even more of them live in states where, if pregnant, they can be refused medical attention or arrested for refusing C-sections.

People who are on the shit end of oppression are oppressed. Accurately describing this is not a matter of politics, but of truth.

Feminism makes women ‘victims’? I think you’ve mistaken us for the sexists, my latest at the Guardian (responding to #WomenAgainstFeminism)

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