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I'm Ollie. I'm 22 years old (though staunchly say and feel I'm 21). Stationary body with a wandering mind. Musician, lyricist, artist and other -ist things. This is a personal blog about me and things around me (which is every other blog ever). If you like it, that's fine. If you don't, you've already stopped reading and clicked on the next thing :D. This is just, existence I guess. I didn't really plan what I was gonna say. I'll come back and retype this when I've got something vaguely resembling some sort of fridge-magnet-philosophy that people seem to like.




It’s 06:50 in the morning, my alarm just went off and I’m still awake. I’ve got my first volenteering shift today. Luckily it’s not until 2PM, but still, it’s no use going to sleep now. The stupid things I do…


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1. do you think your personality is the reason for what you like, or has what you liked shaped your personality (or both if you wanna go there)?

I don’t quite understand the first sentence (could just be the wording) but I understand the second. Well anything you like has to shape you in some way, right? You wouldn’t like it otherwise. I’m all about creative things. That’s a big part of me. It’s pretty much the thing I’m best at. Maybe the only thing, since I can’t do maths, kick a ball or reccomend the best jeans to wear for a party. I’m also very introverted, which I only really recognised some 2 years back, after extensive reading on it. Doing so make a lot sense, since no one ever really tells you about personality types and things like that. I spent a lot of time thinking “I don’t go out or party or fuck loads of people. There must be something wrong with me. I’m a horrible boring person and everyone hates me and this is why I don’t have a relationship”. Nope, just quiet and content. I prefer it that way.

2. If you could travel to space to another habitable planet, or a planet with an artificial habitat/colony, but travel tickets was a randomized lottery, so you probably wouldn’t travel with your friends or family, would you?

I guess so. Depends if there was a good chance that life in the off-world colonies was better than my situation here. There’s no knowing if it’ll work out. You could be on a beautiful planet, but then struggle to get a job, and even then could be open to exploitation and possible slavery/debt/low wages. Also, you may as well since there’s an equal chance you won’t get the ticket, and you’ll still be stuck on Earth.

3. what’s the song that has affected you the most?

This actually came up as something in my songwriting lecture I take. We all had to bring a song into class throught was the most profound we ever heard, to help us understand what makes that song so genius. I brought in a song called “Sanvean” by Dead Can Dance. If anyone can get through that song, then good luck to them. When I first heard it, I geniunely had to leave the room. I couldn’t be in the same place listening to that beauty. It just killed me right through. Lent up againt the wall barely breathing or anything. I didn’t go back to my laptop until after some 5 minutes. Thinking about it makes well up inside. It’s just perfect. It’s the sort of song that belongs on the Voyager 1 probe. Nothing demonstrates human emotion better.

4. what do you think is inside a black hole?

I’d like to say the monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey or a door to The Dark Tower, but probably not. As I understand it, most modern physics completely breaks down the further you go in. You’d be torn to pieces of course even before you got past the event horizon. I’d imagine a kind of sub-universe consisting of raw matter flowing like a river in all directions. Matter moving so fast that it never even binds together. The black hole’s edges end up becoming the only place where matter can be stable in our universe and therefore form the event horizon. I know physicists have talked about how far you dvide matter up that you really did find the base material of existence that could go any further. I think that would be what’s in there. I always wondered what would happen if all the black holes in the universe eventually joined together and sucked all the matter out. As for things like them being portals to other dimentions and alternate versions of us, that’s just sci fi.

5. if you could change the natural color of your hair and eyes, what colors would you change them to?

I guess maybe blue eyes, so I can be slightly nordic (I got a soft spot for Scandinavian people and things), and I’ll keep my dark brown hair, but make it straight with a potential for amusing morrisey hair, because this thick curly growing nonsense does not want to cooperate.

6. what’s a skill you don’t have that you’d love to gain?

The ability to have endless wit, charm and charisma, so I stand a chance at being social and people taking me seriously. Also so I could have a sense of influcnce over people, in that way that popular people attract other people to them.

7. what fictional world would you want to live in the most?

After reading the Dark Tower so much, I guess Mid-World. But before things went fruity and were destroyed (I hope that doesn’t ruin the books, if anyone wants to read them) after the collaspe of their civilisation. I’m just intrigued, since there’s so little lore that a lot of it is up to your imagination. I guess I like the idea of cowboy-knights too. And there’s a huge role in the bending of time and space and concerns fabric of the universe bound together by a single Tower, and it’s a beautiful idea. At center of everything is a tower. Go read the books, basically. Seriously, please do :D

8. What’s a philosophy that you live by?

Be nice, don’t be a dick, and put the happiness of you, your family and friends and everyone in the world before everything else. A career and all it’s material things don’t mean shit. Happiness is free and waay more effective.

9. If you could have a tame animal that would willingly let you ride it into battle, and no matter the animal it would be the right size, which animal would you ride into battle (remember, the animal kingdom includes every living thing besides plants)?

A Musk-Oxen. But like a giant one that comes to head height. Probably one of the most badass animals ever. Have you seen them when they defend a herd against arctic wolves? It’s so cool. They’re so toug and hardy you just wouldn’t wanna mess with one of them. Or a Capybara (again a giant one, like the size of a horse), just because no one would expect it. I’d be all “behold my giant water-hamster of epicness! Charge!”. Or a lion. Or maybe a polar bear. Argh, my imagination is off it’s leash again XD

10. What do you think is at the bottom of the deepest crevice of the ocean?

Cthulu. Well, maybe. Probably likely to be crustaean, like a submarine sized lobster. Not much could live down there without a thick carapace to withstand the pressure. I’d like to think there could still be Trilobites down there, remained undisturbed for some 400 million years. I reckon could be possible, and plenty of ocean biology people are looking for them. There’s the potential a species of them could’ve stayed down there and not gone onto land. They just adapted to deep water and drifted down into an ocean trench and live there now. Maybe even developing bioluminensense (idk how spell and it can’t be arsed to look)

11. Describe a sound that you think is the most interesting sound that a guitar could make (effects and all).

hmm, that’s actually pretty hard. I’d like to say something like infinite reverb or reverse delay. Something that gives a feel of space, or an endless horizon that I feel with bands like Explosions In The Sky. I had a reverse delay setting on a looper that’s now broken, and I’d make loops and hit the reverse button, and it was just bliss. I’d sit for up to an hour and listen to it repeat over and over. Kinda feel high. So yeah, reversing things I guess, combined with pitch shifting for harmonies. It’s still relative to whatever it is you’re looking to do of course. I’m just attracted to weird stuff.

Okay, thanks mate. Now it’s my turn:

1. Your fave kids show/film that you didn’t realise how weird/messed up it was until years later?

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8. What you wanted to be when you grew up compared to now?

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10. Intorvert/extrovert?

11. Food, bed, or books?

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